Aiming to write applications that scale well and merge fast with ever-changing business requirements. Currently, I’m working on hybrid mobile apps written in javascript.

Specialized in frontend development, I encourage functional and reactive programming. Having study communication design was the foundation for having autonomy and confidence while crafting great user experiences.

My hobbies have one thing in common and that is the pleasure for the craft. I like to build hardware, from mechanical keyboards to sound controllers or even my own computer.


Work Experience

  • 2019 Senior Software Engineer at New Relic
    • Worked with different teams to help deliver New Relic One, a brand new and shinny observability platform.
    • Started from the group-up a new initiative to help users analyze and cut their cloud services cost and optimize resources based on performance data.
    • Worked improving a Kubernetes experience adding new features like Controle Plane metrics, show information about the underling hosts, improve wizards to setup a new cluster with less ease.
  • 2017 Senior Developer at Lernin.com
    • Planned and implemented building multiple hybrid mobile applications sharing the same source code
    • Ignite together with very talented people a new business (startup)
  • 2014 Lead Developer at Rakuten.tv
    • Worked on a SmartTV application that served 40k daily active users.
    • Planned a solution to build a SmartTV application across different manufacturers using the same base code
    • Build and lead a team of developers
    • Review global KPI’s with stakeholders and plan team development strategies accordingly
    • Coordinate development in coordination with product owners
    • Improve team workflows, review best practices and code standards
    • Collaborate with QA team to improve automated testing tools
  • 2013 Senior Frontend Developer at Rakuten.tv
    • Worked as a Frontend developer for a digital video service with 5 million users distributed over 12 countries.
    • Maintainance of the webpage for the online video catalog and player using Ruby on Rails
    • Partnered with Google to develop a Chromecast (beta) player application
    • Developed an in-house tool to generate customer acquisition campaigns pages
  • 2010 Senior Frontend Developer at Doubleyou
    • Worked on award winning projects for known brands as: Atrápalo, Audi, P&G, Nike and Nestlé
    • Optimize resources to handle high traffic websites
    • Team-up with specialized teams of product owners, art directors, copywriters, and UX designers
    • Deliver on very limited time frames
    • I+D technologies that would potential concept work
  • 2008 Frontend Developer at Igriega Grupo de Comunicación
    • Augmented Reality Applications
    • In-house tooling to automate manual processes
    • Development of digital online campaigns at scale
  • 2006 Design studio ownner at ComplexResponse
    • Engage in the lifecycle of product development
    • Understand client needs, brainstorm ideas, pitch
  • 2004 Developer / Designer at OMF architecture and design studio
    • Create print, video, digital pieces exploring technology in an innovative and unusual way.
  • 2003 Developer at Contacto Visual
    • Worked on multimedia applications using Lingo (OO for Director)


  • 2003 MA in communication design ESAD
  • 1999 Bachelor’s degree, Design and Applied Arts ESAD
  • 1996 Secondary education, Visual Arts Escola Soares dos Reis